Originally delivered on 12/16/2020 2:07 pm

SUBJECT: Thank You, Lawrence Families!

What an incredible showing from our wonderful community! In a fitting grand finale to our fall appeal, you helped us raise an amazing $10,000 in our final week of the campaign, bringing our grand total to $37,613. We’re blown away by your generosity, and so grateful to be part of this community!

In the four weeks of the fall campaign, through donations large and small, 150 families stepped up to show their support for our students. Ten percent of donors filed employer-match forms to increase the value of their gift. Two families offered matching funds to encourage their fellow Lawrence families to give. And one thing was abundantly clear: YOU are the stars that light up Lawrence School.

Our successful fall campaign is the first piece in a funding puzzle that, this year, includes plenty of question marks: Will we be able to hold any of the events that raise around $35,000 in a typical year? Will LSA be able to give its annual contribution to the PTO—usually $20,000? It’s unlikely that those revenues will be anywhere near their normal levels, if they exist at all…and yet we all share a goal of maintaining strong support for our students and their classrooms, actual and remote.

We’ll have plenty to grapple with in the new year, to be sure. But for now, we celebrate—and offer our most sincere thanks to our wonderful Lawrence families. Truly, our school is brighter because of you!

More Ways to Support the PTO:

Don't stop now! There are lots of ways to support the PTO year round—through donations and matching gifts to the Legacy Fund, LogoWear, volunteering, and shopping rewards that donate for you just for shopping as usual. Click below to learn more!

The Lawrence School PTO, a volunteer-run body funded by Lawrence families, exists to support every teacher, enhance the experience of every student, and foster connections throughout our school community. Every Lawrence family is automatically a member of the PTO, and every parent or caregiver is welcomed and encouraged to contribute through PTO meetings, volunteerism, and annual financial contributions to the Lawrence Legacy Fund.